March 2024

Welcome to our 2024 Prefects Senior Section

We are proud to present the Prefects who will lead the 2024 Generation:

Head Girl: Rafaela Rochet 

Head Boy: Benjamín Pimentel

Deputy Head Girl: Emilia Aninat

Deputy Head Girl: Helena Young

Deputy Head Boy: Santiago Figueroa

Deputy Head Boy: Tomás Rodríguez

Prefects: Gaspar Abufón Jara, Joao Alves Costa Mendonça, Amanda Aranis Urtubia, Pascale Belletti Pilasi, Andrés Castillo Del Villar, Lissa Costa Meza, Macarena Errecaborde, Andres Espinoza Pizarro, Francisco Figueroa Viteri, Rodrigo Jalaff Guila, Milagros Monti, Sofía Navarro López, Sebastian Oestreicher Zawadzki, Paulina Prado Diaz Barreiro, Martina Soublette Gajardo y Maite Urcelay Ríos.

Being a Prefect is not only wearing a special tie and a badge in Year 12; it is accepting the responsibility of being selected by a whole generation of pupils, teachers, and school authorities.


Craighouse School awards high scores on PAES 2023

On Friday 1st March our school welcomed back representatives from the 2023 Generation to a ceremony, honouring our former pupils outstanding achievements in the university entrance exam “Prueba de Acceso a la Educación Superior (PAES)”, taken by 94 of them last November.

Pupils achieving high scores in Maths, Spanish, Science and History received certificates and our 9 pupils who achieved maximum scores of 1000 points were awarded shields.

During the assembly, Agustín Orellana Ferrán was acknowledged for obtaining the highest score (1,000 points) in Mathematics (M1) and Science.

The entire Senior section was present to hear Mrs Ayme Visconti, Academic Director and Mr Patrick Lyons, our Headmaster address these highly successful young Craighouse School graduates. They were commended for their commitment and effort and the Senior pupils were encouraged to follow their impressive example.


Craighouse School celebrates International Women’s Day

With the participation of our Headmaster, Mr Patrick Lyons, and all Senior and Middle Section pupils and staff, Craighouse School commemorated International Women’s Day in two assemblies on Friday, 8th March at 8.30 a.m. and 9.15 a.m.

In both instances, which involved the participation of the Social Sciences and Music departments, students remembered outstanding women who have left their mark in history, analysed their role in today's society, and recognised the challenges they still face.


With fun activities: Middle Section celebrates Mathematics Day

On Thursday, 14th March, Mathematics and the number Pi (3.14) had their celebration day at Craighouse School. This concept, so important for mathematical calculations, was reinforced through creative activities planned for all pupils from Year 5 to Year 8. They explored the decimal development of this number, analysed barcodes, and birthdates, among many others. The pupils enjoyed and learned about the significance of the number Pi in an engaging and creative way.


Whites and Blues win the 2024 Cross Country Intercolour

On Saturday, 23rd March, the Intercolour Cross Country event took place on the sports fields of our campus. On this family-oriented day, pupils from Year 5 to Year 12 represented their "colours". The first place in the women's category was secured by the WHITE team; the BLUE and GREEN teams tied for second place, followed by the RED team. For the men, the victory went to the BLUE team, followed by the RED, Green, and in fourth place, the WHITE team.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, 16th March, Craighouse School hosted the Trilateral Athletics event for pupils from Years 5 to 8. The sports event was a resounding success and also featured the participation of The Grange School and Santiago College.


Let's all support the Emergency Campaign for Quilpué Wildfires!

A year ago, Craighouse School organised the first emergency campaign to support families affected by forest fires in southern Chile, becoming the only school in the country to carry out voluntary work with students in the Portezuelo community.

Today, we want to repeat this successful and rewarding experience and aid 20 families from Quilpué, who lost everything in the fires that affected the V Region last February. Between April 12th and 14th, a group of 25 pupils from Years I0 and 11 will travel to this municipality with materials and manpower to rebuild homes and land.

To achieve this goal, we need the generous collaboration of our Craighouse Community to purchase materials and supplies. Until Friday, April 5th, we invite you to make your voluntary donations at this link.

We need everyone's support!

There are still available spaces on the Bus de Acercamiento offered by Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea

Since last school year, the free shuttle bus service provided by the Lo Barnechea Municipality has been operating in the mornings. As the capacity is limited (for 45 pupils), those interested in using this benefit must register through a Google form by clicking here, taking into consideration that only pupils from Years 5 to 12 will be accepted. Selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and a form must be completed for each child. Once the vacancies are filled, the registration process will close automatically, and access to the form will no longer be possible.

The scheduled stops are the following:

  1. Av. El Rodeo 12.525: 7.10 a.m.
  2. Corner of Av. Huinganal with El Rodeo (north lane): 7.16 a.m.
  3. Corner of Av. Pie Andino with Huinganal (north lane): 7.22 a.m.
  4. Corner of Av. La Dehesa with Pie Andino (north lane): 7.27 a.m.
  5. Corner of Av. Pedro Lira Urquieta with Las Hualtatas (north lane): 7.37 a.m.
  6. Av. Los Trapenses (in front of Los Litres, north lane): 7.46 a.m.
  7. Av. Pie Andino and La Huala: 7.55 a.m. 

Sunday, 21st April: Our entire community is invited to Craighouse Day 2024

The event, organised every year by the  Craighouse School Parents Association, will take place on Sunday, 21st April on the Darling Hall esplanade from 11.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The invitation is to spend an enjoyable day with family, where there will be a surprise show, games, food stalls and the opportunity to connect with the entire community. As part of this event, there will be a raffle, and the funds raised will go towards the Solidarity Fund, which supports the most needy families in our community. Raffle booklets will be sent to families in the coming days, and everyone is invited to have a good time, get inspired, and support this cause.

April 2024

Monday, 22nd April: Craighouse School celebrates Earth Day and becomes a carbon-negative school

With multiple and entertaining activities, on Monday 22nd April, Craighouse School celebrated "Earth Day". During the occasion, our pupils planted 70 trees on campus, which grew after our staff planted seeds and cared for them during 2023. In addition, 120 families from the community accepted the "Adopt a Tree" invitation and did the same in their homes.

The great news is that, with this and many other actions that we have implemented in recent years, this 22nd April marks the day when Craighouse officially began to reverse its carbon footprint. With great pride, today we can affirm that we are a "carbon-negative" school.

Craighouse School secures second place at the British English Olympics in the UK

Fourteen pupils from Year 10, representing Craighouse School, achieved second place at the British English Olympics, a school English competition organised by Oxford International Education Group with support from the British Council.

The group also received three additional awards at the event: Best Debate, Best Drama, and Best Country Spotlight.

The participating pupils were: María Catalina Andrea Araneda, Amanda Cabello, Javiera Costas, José Pablo González, Martin Hermosilla, Santiago Hermosilla, Vicente Hermosilla, Emily Hsu, Emma Lekanda, María Pía Lorenzini, Nicolás Méndez, Clara Rodríguez, Amapola Silva, and Maximiliano Unda. In August 2023, the group began preparations on global topics related to Artificial Intelligence and its global impact, developing teamwork skills, leadership, communication and English proficiency.

Craighouse School's Academic Director, Aymé Visconti, and Middle Section Academic Coordinator, María Morillo, led the delegation.

The event, held in London from March 24th to April 8th, saw participation from 48 schools from 15 countries. It's worth remembering that in the 2023 BEO, our school achieved first place and also received the "Fair Play Award."

The emergency campaign "Quilpué 2024" was a complete success

Following the tragedy caused by the wildfires in the fifth region during the summer, our Craighouse community could not remain indifferent. That's why the Department of Social Service and Experiential Learning, supported by our pupils' social leaders and the CARE Parents' Group, launched a new solidarity campaign: "Emergency Works Quilpué 2024."

Thus, from March 26th to April 5th, our community collected funds - a total of $3,647,899 - which were used to purchase materials and provide direct assistance to families in Campamento Pompeya Sur in Quilpué.

Finally, between April 12th and 14th, a group of 35 Year 10 and Year 11 pupils travelled to that commune with materials and labour to rebuild gardens, erect a community centre, build playgrounds and plant native trees.

Thanks to our entire Craighouse community for contributing to make this campaign possible!

Sports News: Intercolour Athletics, ABSCH Athletics Tournament and Tauranga Boy's College Rugby Team Visit Craighouse

April was an intense and successful month for our Craighouse community in terms of sports.

Among the main highlights, we began with the visit to our school by the rugby selection from Tauranga Boys' College in New Zealand. On Wednesday, April 10th, they played against our two teams in matches full of excitement and action.

On Saturday, April 13th, it was the turn of the younger ones, who participated in the Athletics Festival for Year 3 and 4, an event that brought together 360 enthusiastic athletes.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, April 18th, the 2024 Intercolour Athletics took place. In the highly anticipated sports event, all pupils from Year 5 to Year 12 represented their "colours" - white, blue, red, and green - in various athletic disciplines. The first place for the girls was a tie between the white and green teams, and the victory for the boys was achieved by the white team. Lastly, on Friday, April 26th, and Saturday, April 27th, the ABSCH Athletics Tournament took place at Trebulco School, where our pupils achieved first place in the boys' categories for Year 7, Intermediate and Senior.

Book Week 2024: We are all readers at Craighouse!

With parades, costumes, contests, storytelling, author visits, and theatre performances, Craighouse School celebrated "Book Week" from Monday, April 22nd to Tuesday, April 30th. The Language and English departments, the Inquiry Centers and the Primary, Middle and Senior sections organised various activities to commemorate International Book Day and promote a love for reading. On Tuesday, April 23rd, the Senior Section celebrated an Assembly with contests and a surprise street theatre performance with giant puppets. On Friday, April 26th, the Primary Section held its traditional "Costume Parade" and children's story author, Ana María Güiraldes, met with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils at the Middle and Senior Inquiry Centre. Lastly, on Tuesday, April 30th, the Middle Section had its Assembly, with pupils dressed up as their favourite storybook characters,a treasure hunt, and many other activities.

12 pupils from Craighouse School participate in the X LAMUN Conference in Montevideo

Between Wednesday, April 24th and Sunday 28th, 12 pupils from Craighouse School participated in the X Annual LAMUN (Latin America Model United Nations) Conference held at the British Schools of Montevideo, Uruguay. The group was accompanied by Miss Genevieve Philbin and Miss Carla Chavez.

The pupils assumed the roles of different countries, each addressing critical global issues. Sebastian Celle (Y9 A) portrayed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, while Matilde Vial (Y9 D), Lara Mountford (Y9 C), Colomba Zegers (Y9 A), Amanda Limonado (Y9 B), Santiago Malfetano (Y11 E) and Quinn Cadiz (Y11 E) represented the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Maximo Lama (Y9 D) was the delegate of France and the delegation of Myanmar was composed of Sebastian Cadena (Y9 D), Dominga Vocke (Y9 C), Maria Ines Santos (Y9 C) and Felipe Espinosa (Y9 A).

These delegates delved into a spectrum of topics, ranging from environmental sustainability in the Amazonian rainforest to the human rights crises in Myanmar and women's rights in Afghanistan. They also grappled with complex issues such as the silent genocide in the DR Congo, enforcement of the Geneva Conventions and regulation of Artificial Intelligence in education.

After the conference, pupils toured Montevideo and had an opportunity to learn about its rich culture and history.

130 families visited Craighouse School at the Open Day 2025, and our Headmaster welcomes new members of our community

On Tuesday, April 16th, Craighouse School opened its doors to welcome over 130 new families applying for Prekinder 2025, at the traditional Open Day. Between 8.30 and 10.30 a.m. families toured the school and were guided by 30 Senior Section pupils and SLT members. Participants were amazed by the charisma of our pupils, the richness of the educational curriculum and the school's infrastructure and facilities.

Meanwhile, on Friday, March 19th, early in the morning, our Headmaster, Mr Patrick Lyons, welcomed the new families who joined our community in 2023 and 2024. He was accompanied by the Craighouse School Parents Association, CARE, and other school partners who introduced the various opportunities and activities in which pupils and parents can participate as members of this great community.

Everyone invited to enjoy the new communication tool: Craighouse App already reached 1,400 downloads

On April 3rd we officially launched the Craighouse App. The mobile application is the new tool that is already making communication and access to official information easier and more efficient for parents. With the Craighouse App, users have a wide range of useful resources at their fingertips, including sent communications, emergency notifications, the calendar of academic and sports activities, the monthly lunch menu, our School News and much more.

For those who are not yet enjoying Craighouse App, we invite you to download it from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android)! Simply search for the name Craighouse School, and once installed on your device, you only need to enter your username (RUT without dots or dashes) and your password (RUT without dots or dashes).

Next, you will need to create a four-digit security code to ensure your privacy and repeat it below. In the final step, you will be asked for a password - for this one-time only - and again you must enter the RUT without dots or dashes.

Together, we are taking a step forward towards a more connected and efficient future.