Headmaster’s Welcome

Craighouse School will be celebrating its sixtieth anniversary throughout 2019 and I am sure that our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Darling, would have been proud of the achievements of what was once their fledgling school. However, I cannot imagine that even in their wildest dreams they would have envisioned how their school would develop and grow into this prestigious institution, situated in twenty-five hectares of land with one of the most spectacular views in the world.

I am fortunate to have known and worked closely with Mrs. Darling, throughout approximately thirty-seven of those sixty years. In 1995 Mrs. Darling, together with other members of staff and myself, wrote the first ever Craighouse School Educational Project. This Educational Project was based on the educational beliefs and philosophy of our founders, and since those days it has been the guiding light behind all decision making within the school.  The prestige that Craighouse School holds today is due to the reputation that our Old Girls and Boys have earned at University, in different careers and positions in their work places throughout the world, as well as their social awareness and contribution to our community and country. They in turn owe their preparation and life skills in both the Formative and Academic Areas to the excellent teaching staff who have accompanied them throughout their time at school, and the experiences they accumulated during these years.

We look forward to enjoying all the activities that have been prepared for 2019 so as to celebrate this significant milestone, and at the same time project Craighouse School into this twenty first century as a leading educational institution in Chile.


Peter Lacey