Welcome to our 2022 Prefects Senior Section

We are proud to present the Prefects who will lead the 2022 generation:

Head Girl: Amanda Orchard B.
Head Boy: Nicolás Greiber B.
Deputy Head Girl: Sofía Zahr M.
Deputy Head Boy: Diego Baudrand G.

Prefects: Catalina Zilleruelo, Camila Contreras, Cecilia Evendt, Josefa Luders, Florencia Purcell F, Paula Garrido, Sofía Mahuzier, M. Victoria Oroza, Julieta Dib, Maximiliano Young, Sebastián Juez, Maximiliano Ergas, Lucas Moreira, Miguel Riadi, Viktor Bocic and Joaquín Ordoñez.
Being a Prefect is not only wearing a special tie and a badge in Year 12; it is accepting the responsibility of being selected by a whole generation of pupils, teachers, and school authorities.
We invite you all to share this information with your families, as a way for all to learn and appreciate the traditions that inspired Mr and Mrs Darling when they founded Craighouse School in 1959.