What makes Craighouse unique?

What makes Craighouse School one-of-a-kind?

●      English and Spanish bilingual education: from the first day of class, children are taught in English as a second language, which ensures bilingual immersion and exposure for all pupils.

●      Academic excellence, with an inquiry-based focus that prepares our pupils from Prekinder to Year 12 so that they can reach high academic standards.

●      All teachers and members of our educational community, renowned professionals from the most prestigious universities in Chile and abroad, have each pupil’s care and learning as their main focus.

●      Craighouse School stimulates and promotes pupils’ curiosity, desire to learn, and growth, both individually and as a group, respecting their development processes and enabling them to reach their full potential.

●      At Craighouse School we are active agents in the protection of the environment. In order to reduce our energy use and our carbon footprint, we have invested in renewable energies by installing over 110 solar panels. Regarding responsible and efficient use of water, we have three irrigation water tanks and two additional irrigation water accumulation and collection chambers.

●      We teach our pupils to act with respect and consideration, while observing our community’s values.


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Full IB

Ever since 2008, when Craighouse School was granted full IB status, we have been offering the programme for all pupils from Prekinder to Year 12. Today we teach all three programmes: PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme), and DP (Diploma Programme).

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At Craighouse School we accept full families, offering an inclusion programme from Prekinder to Year 12. We embrace diversity and difference as a fundamental part of our identity and culture. In line with this philosophy, we accept all religious beliefs and protect our pupils’ comprehensive development.

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Situated in in 24 hectares of land and with over 29 thousand square metres of building space, Craighouse School has an infrastructure like no other in Chile and the region.

In order to implement our Educational Project, the campus is built in sections and areas, giving preference to spaces for academic excellence and learning, physical education and recreation; respecting nature, biodiversity and the environment; and safeguarding the security of the whole community.