Social service and experiential learning

 Our Educational Project challenges us to educate young people who can reach their full potential for a global benefit. As stated in our Educational Project, “we aspire not only for our pupils to be actively involved in their own learning and development, but also to become agents in the creation of a better world”. 

We articulate and provide the means for our students to make a contribution to the country and to the global world. 

This involves creating experiences, reflections and actions that encourage our pupils to give their utmost to make a contribution to society. Craighouse School aims for its pupils to be educated for “the construction of citizenship, in order to contribute to and build a more just society”.


Who are we?

We are a group of volunteering parents who work on social projects as well as solidarity and service plans and activities in the context of the Craighouse School Educational Project.


To develop leaders with the Craighouse School seal in terms of values, who can contribute to the construction of a more inclusive and caring society, in whichever field they develop.


To contribute, together with the school and each family, to the development of a spirit in our children that is caring, service-oriented and committed to the local and global reality by means of formative actions that promote social maturity.


To carry out, together with the Craighouse School community, projects, plans, and social and service actions, during the different stages of our children’s development, promoting commitment and social maturity.

Environmental Education

In 1998 a group of pupils began organising recycling campaigns and workshops with help from some of their teachers. That’s how “Ecogroup” was born. In 2013 the team changed their name to Ecocommunity. Today we have an Environmental Education area which seeks to promote environmental protection and raise awareness at a global scale of issues such as climate change, resource management, waste, renewable energies, biodiversity, and transport, among others.

The environmental committee, made up of pupils who represent Craighouse School’s attributes—caring, proactive, and responsible—is committed to service and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the environment.