Prekinder Admission – Integration Programme

 a) The Craighouse School Integration Programme has two places available each year in the Prekinder admission process. These places will be assigned to those families who qualify according to the child’s evaluation and the parents’ interview. The school reserves the right to leave these places vacant if the applying families and children do not meet the required standards.

b) In order to qualify for this programme, the family evaluations must be graded in either good or outstanding categories (please refer to point 2. 2.1 d) Marking guide.)

c) The evaluation of the child will be taken into consideration according to the information provided by his/her parents as well as the medical diagnosis. Based on all these details, we will determine if his/her acceptance into Craighouse School is recommended or beneficial, considering our Educational Project and the Craighouse School Inclusion Policy.

The following areas will be considered for the child’s evaluation:

Language:he/she must have basic comprehension skills and be capable of expressing him/herself in the mother tongue in order to acquire a second language through the full immersion in English programme as established in the school’s Bilingualism Policy.

Autonomy:he/she must be able to eat on his/her own and be fully toilet trained.

Ability to adapt to the school environment:he/she must be able to follow basic instructions, adapt to school routines and interact with teachers and classmates. He/She must also have a basic emotional regulation ability so as not to disrupt the class.

If not enough families qualify, places will be left vacant.