Craighouse School commemorates International Women’s Day


With the participation of our Headmaster, Mr Patrick Lyons, and all Senior Section pupils and staff, Craighouse School commemorated International Women’s Day in an assembly on Tuesday, 8th March at 8.30 a.m.

Mr Mark Cross, Head of Senior, welcomed the pupils during this ceremony led by Head Girl Amanda Orchard and Head Boy Nicolás Greiber. Florencia Pichara, President of the Student Council, together with representatives Magdalena Villa and Miguel Riadi, discussed the role of women and their history in our institution. Next, a group of pupils of Year 12, Florencia Purcell and Claudia Fernández, analysed the UN Women campaign which was a subject studied in Language and Literature. Then, Senior pupils Josefa Saenz-Diez, Constanza Villamán, and Monserrat Kozak shared their Art work and a personal project, respectively. Mr Sócrates Aguilera, Head of the History and Social Studies Department, was in charge of closing the assembly.