Digital Transformation Department at Craighouse School

Digital Transformation Department at Craighouse School

The Digital Transformation Department at Craighouse School is responsible for integrating technology into both pedagogical and administrative areas, with the aim of enhancing learning, supporting teaching practices and improving management efficiency. This pupil-centred transformation reflects our understanding that they live in a technological, global, interconnected and constantly changing world.

We proactively seek to be a Beacon School in Chile, where our culture promotes the use of technology to serve the Educational Project and contribute to society. We work to empower pupils, fostering the integration of technology to create innovative individuals and, in the future, leaders in global innovations.

We aspire for technology to enhance the wellbeing and development of our educational community, promoting agile and efficient work while fostering the personal and professional growth of each member.

Digital Era Student

Craighouse School aims to achieve this goal by focusing on the profile of the digital era student (ISTE, 2016). This seeks to develop the following skills in pupils: Empowered learner, digital citizen, computational thinker, collaborator, creative communicator, innovative designer and knowledge constructor. These standards align with the profile of the International Baccalaureate student and the Craighouse School pupil, positioning our children and young people at the centre of their learning and enhancing the integration of technology.

Diagram of the Digital Era Student Profile[1] (Iste, 2016)


The pedagogical digital transformation process has allowed us to achieve significant milestones:

  • A team of 5 ISTE-certified mentors (technology coaches) who model, among other things, the integration of technology in the classroom for teachers.
  • We have unified the technological knowledge of our teachers:
    • 98% of our teachers have Google Education Level 1 Certification.
    • Four teachers have Google Education Level 2 Certification.
  • Transition from physical laboratories to mobile laboratories from Prekinder to Year 6 and a "Bring Your Own Device" policy from Year 7 to Year 12.
  • Establishment of a "Maker Space" room, equipped with digital technologies such as a laser cutter, 3D printers, robotics, the Internet of Things, and basic electronics with Arduino. This space promotes the use of technology, product creation and interdisciplinary collaboration between teachers and students.
  • Successful participation of our Primary and Senior Section pupils in presenting projects at the ISTE 2023 Annual Conference, held in Philadelphia (USA).
  • Continuous promotion to motivate teachers to involve their students in the ISTE 2024 Annual Conference (Denver, USA, July 2024).
  • Encouragement of the implementation of technology use in the classroom under the SAMR model at its highest levels, where appropriate.
  • We foster our pupils to become Digital Citizens according to ISTE standards (International Society for Technology in Education) and the principles of Common Sense Education. We inspire them to recognise their rights, responsibilities and the opportunities offered by the interconnected digital world. We guide them to act safely, legally, and ethically online, integrating both educational perspectives into their digital behaviour.



Digital Transformation Team

Cristina Escobar

Digital Transformation Director

Alejandra Bruce

Primary Technology Coach

Sachy Bravo

Middle Technology Coach

José Manzanares

Senior Technology Coach

Felipe Campusano

Maker Space Coordinator